and technology together

A smart home is that blends luxury and technology together to present a futuristic luxury home.

Smart home technology may be going mainstream, but luxury brands are going the extra mile to push it forward.

Irrigation system


The panel will let you adjust the water according to the amount of foretasted sunlight; implement a “rain delay” to avoid watering during rainy periods; and define the amount of cycles that the sprinkles should run per day.


We built your home cinema to the most advanced possible spec. The ultra high definition (UHD) picture and 3D sound combination is truly spectacular to such a degree that is superior to the real cinema experience.

Home cinema
Sound system design


Centralize your family's media collection Back up and organize all your family's photos, videos and music in one secure place, and seamlessly stream them from all of your devices.


The  Swipe is a wireless, battery operated pad that detects hand movements in multiple directions which can activate scenes or other commands and is available in 2 colors black and white. The Swipe has the form of a picture frame that you can control with 6 different gestures: up, down, left, right and circle pattern left and right each allowing you to activate 6 different actions or scenes. Because the Swipe resembles a picture frame it perfectly matches your interior design. You can even personalize it with your favorite picture. All gestures and actions are confirmed by the built-in buzzer.

Swipe/Gestures control