Keep your home secured

Safety and Security

Monitor your smart home

Even your vacation home a thousand miles away from any smartphone or tablet. You don’t even have to get out of bed to see your networked security cameras.

From checking for intruders at your main house to checking for water in the basement at your summer home, you and your family are safe and sound.

With one touch you activate the security alarm and all the lights come on. A smart home is a safe home. And your family’s well-being has never been more secure.

Alarm system and home actions


The Sensor may be installed in hard-to-reach places. It can work in any location you need. Even if it can’t be installed in the precise spot needed, you can always connect a wired probe to detect the water leakage in its best probable location.

Flood sensor
Motion sensor


This tiny device, apart from detecting movement, measures the current ambient temperature, intensity of light and vibrations thanks to its built-in accelerometer.

Smoke sensor


Advanced options for configuring sensors sensitivity, it may be different, depending on where you install the device. In kitchen, very sensitive sensor could trigger the alarm even when you fry some meat, that's why it should be less sensitive, helping avoid irritating false alarms.


By cameras you can monitor everything with night vision feature. You can control and move it in all directions by mobile,tablet or computer for full vision.

surveillance system)
Door/Window Sensor


Door/window sensor is a battery-powered reed sensor. The sensor expands the capabilities of the system by monitoring the opening of doors, windows and garage doors. It is used in automatic light control, access control and property protection.  


As elegant as it is effortless, arm or disarm your security system—or even receive immediate emergency assistance—directly from an intuitive user interface on a touchscreen, TV or mobile device. And on your way out, simply press “Away” to set the alarm, engage the cameras and lock all doors.

Armed/Disarmed screen