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Everything started years ago. we had a strong belief that knowledge is the key to make something different, our research and development stage is running since day one and we have never stopped. Our team have the same passion that pushes us towards success; knowledge & experience.

Our story started in 2017, when Youth mechatronics engineers who started their careers by working as university teacher assistants, as real life experience isn’t enough for technology development, decided to use their knowledge and academic research to benefit the world by driving it towards smart building & home automation solutions.

The company started small for home automation solutions, then it expanded into different teams specialized not only in home automation but also in smart buildings, guest room management systems, access control systems and fire alarm.

As we have an academic background, we believe in continuous knowledge and development. We are always aware of applying academic research in real applications to have an added value to the latest trends in the market, which includes new technologies and products.


At Advanced Control Systems we drive innovation and knowledge to develop smart building and home automation solutions for a more sustainable, safe and effective world performance

Most of our time is consumed in buildings; homes, offices and large buildings are considered. People deserve to feel safe, secure and comfortable during these times, and our world deserves efficient and smart environmental buildings. As time passes, we use our knowledge to find the best solutions to make our life much simpler and just focus on our priorities. And that’s our goal in Advanced Control Systems, by integrating technology for more smart, safe, secured and sustainable buildings, which provides a healthier way of life.

Advanced Control Systems was founded 4 years ago in Egypt as an automation company, and now it became one of the potential companies in the field of home automation and smart buildings. It also achieved great success stories which made it one of the most remarkable companies in the field in a short period by its ability to find innovative technical solutions for its clients.













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CEDIA members represent the world's finest custom electronic design and integration companies — which is what your home deserves. Our members span the globe — but what binds them together is a unique thirst for knowledge.

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