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CEDIA members represent the world's finest custom electronic design and integration companies — which is what your home deserves. Our members span the globe — but what binds them together is a unique thirst for knowledge.

Nowadays, most of us are looking for new technologies that make our life much easier, ranging from electronics, solar energy, smart homes...etc. It may seem costly when speaking about a Tech topic, but it really worth it and you will never notice its benefits until you try it, especially when you apply it in your home.

Home automation is the technology that enables all home devices to work automatically when you make a certain action, this methodology is applied by integrating all the devices together and creating home scenarios that make these actions based on your needs.


Home Automation

home automation-01.png

Not like any other home automation system, Advanced Control Systems believes in intuitive client experience, that’s why we are focusing on the graphical user interface with advanced system integration, which integrates the wired and wireless solution in a single platform (User Interface)

From the graphical user interface to artificial intelligence, we introduce our machine learning solutions to apply the artificial intelligence technology in our integrated solution, which guarantees a very user friendly and secured smart interactive system

Home automation solution experience

More productive, more luxurious



Keep your home secured



You are safe from





Air Quality

Your home under


We keep your air


Wired & Wireless solutions

Our solutions are endless innovations & can let you have the spectacular vision of automation


Advanced Control Systems

Customized GUI

As we in Advanced Control Systems try to reach more innovative solutions in our field, we started to design our own designed smart home application, to make it much easier for our clients to control their home using a very user friendly app based on their needs

Security 2-01.png


Keeping your home secured is our first concern, and the most effective service that home automation can afford for homeowners. You need to keep your home secured from thieves, keep your eyes on children, and most important keep alerted when something odd happens. Home automation has its scenes for security; that lock the doors, automatically flashes lights on & off, turns the siren on, and send you a notification if anyone tries to break into your house.


Surveillance system

Keep your home under your eyes, you can monitor it using your smartphone from anywhere

Get alerted-01.png

Get alerted

Whatever anything happens inside your home, you will get notified by messages from your smart app

Home monitoring-01.png

Home automation let you arm your home whenever you want, you can lock the doors & shutters. Also, you can monitor your home sensors besides your surveillance system

Home monitoring


Your home sensors get you to know if any area in your home is triggered by an unknown action, and you can use them to arm your home in case of any motion it will turn on the home security scene

Home sensors


Easy to access everywhere

Full home control

full control-01.png
Safety 2-01.png


Keeping your home safe, is keeping you away from home accidents. In ACS we ensure our clients’ safety when we use our integrated solutions, many home accidents may occur without noticing it; like home fires, smokes, gas leakage and water flooding. In normal cases, home automation can save you by home safety scenes, which notify you when an accident occurs, and take the right action to stop it.

Gas leakage

In case of any gas leakage, your home will close the gas valve, open the windows and shutters, notify you with a mobile app and turns on ventilation fans


Home fire

When anything catches on fire inside your home, you will be notified before it goes bigger, shutters and windows will open and the ventilation fan will turn on


In case of any water flooding inside your home, home automation will close the gas valve and the mobile app will notify you

Water Flooding

Water flood-01.png

Home Cinema

When it comes to entertainment, home automation can do it the best, in ACS we build up home cinema rooms whatever the room’s size, including a great surrounding sound system for the best experience. You can turn on the home cinema scene, and your home will get it ready, and get your home lighting, curtains, shutters and air conditioner all set for you.

home cinema-01.png

Smart Home

Your home gets more luxurious with elegant smart lighting control, as you can control your light wireless without any effort and with voice control. In addition, adding different light scenes, which help save more energy and make it easier throughout the day

smart lighting-01.png

Window & Gate

Controlling your home gates, windows and shutters considered one of the main solutions to keep your home secured, as you can close all home windows and gates using your smartphone even if you are away from home. Controlling your gates makes your life much easier; shutters open automatically in the morning, garage gates open without any effort and more scenarios that match your needs.

Window control-01.png


Your indoor home environment has a big influence on your comfort and health well being, enjoy controlling your home environment settings using your smart device or your voice control. You can integrate Air Condition, heater and fireplace to set your desired temperature inside your home. And you can set automated scenes during the day.

Home automation, measures your home temperature, humidity and CO2 in the air to reach a healthy air quality to keep you safe inside your home

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