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When it comes to smart homes, you really need to get the full experience of going through its features and details; like controlling lights, shutters and doors, making your own home scenes, monetizing energy consumption, watching your security cameras and having a smartphone in you hand palm that can control each single corner of your home. Also, you really need to see the quality of the products that you use in your home that will last for decades and know how it will be an added value to your luxury interior design.

That's what we call Advanced Control Systems Smart Showroom. Before we start our home automation system design, you can take a full tour experience in our simple showroom design, to get to know more about us.


Meet our team

In ACS, we take care of each detail that full fills your smart home needs, and we manage to design your home systems

Our products

You will get to know about the products we use to build your own smart home automation whether it is a wired system or a wireless one or a hybrid system that sum both systems together, from sensors to home centres and all the details you need to know.

Smart home mobile application

The first thing you really need to put your hands on is smartphone application, so you can control, monetize, manage and create home scenes for the Showroom. And you can do the following:

- Controlling lights, dimmers and RGB LEDs

- Monetize surveillance camera

- Controlling shutters and curtains

- Controlling irrigation system

- Manage energy consumption

- Knowing how security alarm systems work

- Controlling home scenes

Moreover, we will let you know how your home automation system does its actions.

Voice command control using Alexa & Google assistant

All the actions that you can do with your mobile phone, can be done using just your voice command. Say what you want for Alexa and it will do it for you without moving a muscle.

Home cinema & sound system

In the showroom, we have our own home cinema, apple TV, indoor sound system and outdoor sound system. You can get experience and we also recommend the perfect system that you need for your home.

All you need is a smart home automation system, and great things start with a great experience

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