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Nowadays, most of us are looking for new technologies that make our life much easier, ranging from electronics, solar energy, smart homes...etc. It may seem costly when speaking about a Tech topic, but it really worth it and you will never notice its benefits until you try it, especially when you apply it in your home.

The best decision you may take when building your next home is adding smart home automation technology. Just imagine how easy it is:

  • You don't need to move all around your home to turn on the lights or open the doors and windows, everything can be done using your smartphone

  • If you don't have your smartphone around you while you need to turn off the lights, and you still watching your favourite movie, all you have to do is to say it to Alexa loudly "Alexa, turn off the lights!"

Everything is controllable including; lights, air condition, shutters, gate, home cinema, irrigation system ...etc

P.s. You can take the full smart home automation experience in our showroom located in Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

Smart home automation | Smart home vs Home automation

But, if you are still confused what is the difference between smart homes and home automation, you really need to know how simple it is.


Smart home is mainly smart devices, electronic devices or sensors that you can control using the internet with your smart devices; it can be a smartphone or a voice command device like Alexa and google assistant. Home automation, is the technology that enables all these devices to work automatically when you make a certain action, this methodology is applied by integrating all the devices together and creating home scenarios that make these actions based on your needs.

First, you need to decide your needs for your home automation based on your budget, as budget differs based on many factors; like space, area, devices and scenarios. Your needs may include convenience, security, safety and luxury. The first thing you may think of is controlling your light using your smart device. Also, you may choose security or safety scenes. So, here are some of our default home automated scenes in Advanced Control Systems that we can add to your home

Security scene

By activating this scene even if you are not home if any thief tries to break into your home, the security cameras will take a screenshot of his face, the siren alarm will turn on, all the shutters will close, the flashlight will keep turning on and off and a notification will be sent to your mobile phone. Ensuring a completely secured home even if you are on a far vacation.

Safety scene

Safety is mainly keeping you safe from accidents; like fire and water leakage. In case of any fire or smoke, your home will open the windows and shutters, turn on the ventilators, turn off electricity, turn on the siren alarm and send a notification to your mobile phone. In case of any water leakage, all the water valves will close to avoid any home floods.

Voice command

It is much easier when you say "open the curtains" rather than opening a mobile app and clicking on "Curtains off" option. So, you really need voice command activation using Alexa and google assistant to help you with your daily actions; like controlling the air conditioners, lights, shutters, curtains and more. As you will have a new friends that always will be there for you to help.

You can watch this video to know more about scenes

Home cinema and sound system

After a long day, you will need to talk to Alexa to turn on your home cinema to start watching Netflix with perfect sound quality. And sound system mainly includes outdoor speakers to play your favourite playlist.

Check this video from one of our real sites

Technology is unstoppable, and turning your home into a smart home with home automation solutions sounds impractical at first and a waste of money, but when you get more deep into this topic, you will add it to your priorities.

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